Healing Arts Clinic


We are OPEN!  Thank you to all the support for Lyons’ quick recovery.  While many of our neighbors are still significantly impacted, we are able to resume our role as a health resource for the community.

If you are able to help with this immense challenge in our community, please consider making a donation.  All funds received will go toward low-cost and free services to those in need.

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Our purpose at the Stillwater Healing Arts Clinic is to offer holistic family medicine to the community.  We have created a peaceful space to take refuge from the chaos of the world and experience stillness.  Through stillness, we are able to recharge ourselves in order to return to the world and flourish.  We offer tools of Naturopathic and Chinese medicine, addiction counseling, massage, holistic psychotherapy, hydrotherapy, midwifery care, energy work, classes and resources for both the individual and the community to live a healthy, balanced life.


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