Healing Arts Clinic & Apothecary

Art Therapy

Rudolf Steiner stated that creative expression is the highest form of human behavior.

Through art we are able to express that which we cannot in words.  It connects us more deeply to our sense of self than can many other activities and is a fantastic tool for healing.  At Stillwater, we encourage the possibility to transform our patterns, our hopes, dreams, fears and dis~ease through creative expression and will be offering continued opportunity to do so both individually and collectively.

Next event:

Community Collaborative Crafting

Branching our from the typical materials of natural medicine, we’ll be gathering supplies from far and wide to create a collection of puppets and costume pieces.  Inspired by the infamous “Bread & Puppet Show” of Vermont and Olympia, Washington’s “Procession of the Species,” we hope to provide the community with beautiful and inspiring creations to share at local events.

Work parties to be arranged beginning in summer 2013.  If you’d like to be involved, please send information to