Healing Arts Clinic & Apothecary

Colleen Buckman aka Kalyani



We all can use support, clarity, release, love and compassion in our lives. I tailor each private session to your personal needs right now. We can decide together which kind of support will be the most useful, nurturing and helpful to you.

Kalyani is a Reverend, Holistic Healer, Akashic Intuitive, and Educator. Her education includes Therapeutic Massage, Certified Rebirthing Breathwork Trainer and Practitioner, Healing Touch Practitioner, Hospice Worker, Sufi Heart Healer and Doula. Colleen utilizes Divine Wisdom and Ancient Yogic Practices to accelerate healing by balancing the mind, body and spirit.


Kriya Yoga Breathwork

This technique is powerful for releasing family patterns, physical pain, breathing problems, depression and general feelings of being “stuck.”
$145.00 per session. $1300.00 for 10 Sessions Each session is approximately 2 hours. 10 sessions recommended.

Akashic Reading

Akashic Record Reading is a process where we go inside the Divine Mind to access the wisdom from the Akash, Angels, Spirit Guides and Ancestors in order to align your Heart with your soul path and fulfill your soul contracts, dreams and full potential.
$145.00 for an hour session.  Phone and Skype Readings are also available.

Healing Touch

This beautiful Energy Healing Art brings forward divine light consciousness and pranic healing to clear and balance the auric field, chakras and meridians to allow the body and soul to experience unification, clarity and healing.
$50.00 for a half hour, $90.00 for an hour, $125.00 for an hour and a half

Sufi Heart Healing

These sessions are for opening the heart, experiencing light consciousness and lifting heavy emotional burdens. Sufi Heart Healing uses the Qualities of God to Transform, Heal and Close the door on images, feelings, thoughts and situations that limit the True Potential Of Who You are. We travel with the qualities through the paths and lines of limitation to the Natural Beauty and Love of Who You Really Are. The Vibration and Tones of Each Quality of God shift and open the inner reality of the heart to Heal and Open the Heart to the Soul. Insh’Allah.  $125.00 per session


Contact Colleen for information on these opportunities!  Email Colleen/Kalyani at or call us at the clinic.