Healing Arts Clinic & Apothecary

Corporate Wellness Programs

Dr. Hart offers corporate wellness programs to achieve a healthy, energetic, highly productive environment in the office.  Encouraging health in the workplace is  an integral part of creating sustainable businesses.

She can speak to your employees and enlighten them in a 45-60 minute presentations. We offer “Lunch & Learn” or ”Wellness evening” seminars by presenting the following topics:

Stress management
Nutrition for optimal health
Cold and flu prevention
Healthy weight loss

Dr. Hart is happy to discuss other topics to address your company’s needs.  Wellness programs can also include the following benefits to your employees:

  • Annual bloodwork & assessment
  • Acute illness & injury treatment
  • Disease prevention & risk assessment
  • Individualized seasonal cleanse programs
  • Programs for optimal health

Community style acupuncture can be performed to your employees in the same type of settings as presentations. This can increase your employees concentration and improve productivity of their work, and prevent illness to reduce the sick days of your employees.

Please call 303-823-9355 or send us email at to discuss options further.