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Healing Retreats

Join Dr. Hart as she works in collaboration with other medical and healing arts practitioners to offer transformational events.

Upcoming Events:

Rocky Mountain Medicine Tribe:  Spring Equinox

Combining community celebration, sustainable feast, movement practices and plant medicine we will share a full day’s exploration of the seasonal transition.


Saturday, March 17


$25-95. sliding scale


10am-Noon:  Join us at Hart Family Farm for the morning exploration with nature. . 2154 Apple Valley Rd. Lyons

  • Qigong based movement practice connecting with nature.  Set out in the pasture  with the horses herd of Hart Farm we will explore meditation and gentle movement.
  • Clay Pot ceremony at the St Vrain River.  Participants are invited to bring natural material items to bury into the Earth using the vessels created at last fall’s Autumn Equinox event.  Releasing what is no longer needed from the past seasons as well as giving back to the earth the seeds we wish to sow.


Noon-4pm:  Join us at Stillwater Clinic & Apothecary for an afternoon of education, inspiration and deliciousness!  418 High St. Lyons

  • Sustainable Feast & nutrition education for the season.
  • Mindfulness Meditation Instruction, Foot Spa Soak, Writing Prompts… 
  • Gemstone properties and uses for personal space and collective spaces.  Event will conclude with creating a protective grid.
  • Garden preparation!  Using practices from biodynamic gardening, we will prepare the soil at the Stillwater Herb Garden.  Each participant will also take home supplemental soil preparation for their home.


4-5pm:  Our adventure will continue at Mayama Dance Studio and onward from there…  625 4th Ave, Lyons

  • Wild Fire all ages dance event at Mayama movement studio.  Indoor dance for an hour, then we venture out into the wild joining our rhythms and voices together with the fire at Lavern Johnson Park for a community blessing 🙂


This entire event is sliding scale, come for the full day or just for a portion of the day.  Children are welcome!  Not sure how to join in?  Let us help create your equinox celebration day routine, we’re happy to help recommend how to make the most of this event.

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