Healing Arts Clinic & Apothecary

Healing Retreats

Join Dr. Hart as she works in collaboration with other medical and healing arts practitioners to offer transformational events.

Upcoming Events:  

Medicine Tribe:  Autumn Equinox

Combining intention setting, movement practices and plant medicine we will offer a full day’s exploration of the seasonal transition.  $10-25 Love Offering donation per activity, or $65 for the full day. Pre-Registration requested >24 hours in advance. Register here today! This is a zero waste, family-friendly event.

Saturday, September 22nd



Noon-2pm:  Join us at Stillwater Clinic & Apothecary for an afternoon of education, inspiration and deliciousness!  418 High St. Lyons

  • Stillwater Opening Circle & Spa Relaxation Rotation ~ Guided meditation in the foot spa.
  • Setting Intentions for the Season in the setting of the Stillwater Garden Patio, join therapist & coach Sara Schultz for a creative exploration of the seasons intentions.  Bring a journal and significant item for collage if you are so inspired!  Otherwise materials will be provided.  

2pm-evening:  Meet us at Hart Family Farm to connect to the St Vrain River, horse herd and community.  2154 Apple Valley Road, Lyons

Specific activities for children:  2-4pm wild exploration & nature crafts, 4-5pm puppet extravaganza

  • QiGong movement meditation from the ancient Chinese healing practice with Dr. Sara Hart at Hart Farm
  • Connect to Horse Wisdom with Kate Neligan.  Get a sneak peak into this amazing work here:
  • Herb Walk with Annie Beall ~ Join Stillwater’s herbalist for an exploration of the wild weeds of Apple Valley along the St Vrain River at Hart Farm.
  • Seasonal Culinary Delights from Jason Vest.  Prepare to be wowed by our resident food wizard with this sustainable feast.
  • Merry-making! with music and movement to end our day together in joy and celebration.


Registration available via the “Schedule Now” button or call 303-823-9355 today!