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Healing Retreats

Join Dr. Hart as she works in collaboration with other medical and healing arts practitioners to offer transformational events.

Upcoming Events:  

Rocky Mountain Medicine Tribe:  Summer Solstice

Combining intention setting, movement practices and plant medicine we will offer a full day’s exploration of the seasonal transition.

Friday, June 22rd


10am-Noon:  Join us at Hart Family Farm for the morning exploration with nature.  2154 Apple Valley Rd. Lyons

  • Qigong based movement practice connecting with nature.  Set out in the pasture  with the horses herd of Hart Farm we will explore meditation and gentle movement with Dr. Hart.
  • Healing Water an offering for the St Vrain River.  Participants are invited to join us for the celebration of water and all it’s magical properties.  Water carries vibration and messages at it travels.  From the research of Dr. Emoto, we will practice water healing inside and out…


Noon-4pm:  Join us at Stillwater Clinic & Apothecary for an afternoon of education, inspiration and deliciousness!  418 High St. Lyons

  • Spa Relaxation ~ Guided meditation in the foot spa, followed by individual or group time in the infrared sauna.
  • Setting Intentions for the Season in the setting of the Stillwater Garden Patio, join therapist & coach Sara Schultz for a creative exploration of the seasons intentions.  Bring a journal and significant item for collage if you are so inspired!  Otherwise materials will be provided.  


4-6pm:  Join us at Stillwater Zen Garden for time to learn about working with herbs as medicine.  418 High Street. Lyons

  • Flower Essence Creation ~ Open your mind to the possibilities of herbal medicine healing for mental/emotional care and see for yourself how you can be supported.  Traditions from around the globe have identified the same benefits of plants and you can to with this insightful method.  All materials provided!


Come for the full day or just for a portion of the day.  Children are welcome!  Not sure how to join in?  Let us help create your equinox celebration day routine, we’re happy to help recommend how to make the most of this event.

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