Healing Arts Clinic & Apothecary

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a useful field of knowledge for everyone from the homemaker, to the athlete to the physician.  Getting to know the plants, properties and uses of herbs for medicine is a lifelong exploration.

At Stillwater, we encourage the exploration with the herbs available in the shop as well as joining us for classes and seasonal events!  Please come in today to put together your own herbal blends, check out our class schedule and explore the abundance of books on herbs and other tools of natural medicine.


Over 100 herbal remedies in the Apothecary!

  • Dr. Hart’s Healing Elixirs; transformational medicines that combine daily self-care with optimal living.
  • Bulk herbs: get to know your medicine and create your own blends!
  • Pre-mixed tea blends:  delicious formula’s that are symptom specific and ready to go.
  • Tinctured herbs:  alcohol, vinegar, oil or glycerine extracts for all your healthcare needs.
  • Herbal Mocktails – Samples on Shop Local Saturday 11/30!  Re-create your traditions of imbibing to both nourish your health and care for others.  Our delicious blends include bitters formula’s, single herb sweet treats with glycerine extracts, spicy blends to boost libido and energy and much more!


Come learn from us with our next events:

Our Elemental Alchemy program provides seasonal herbs to associate each month with an organ to understand and support more thoroughly.

Enjoy experiential education in plant medicine with our Community Supported Herbalism program.  Share holders receive not only a monthly harvest, but detailed instructions on why these plants are appropriate for your healthcare today and how to make use of them!