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Holistic Health Immersion

Curious about natural medicine tools to support your health or better support your loved ones?  Interested in growing your practice to include natural medicine and holistic health therapies?  Or are you experiencing health challenges unresolved with western medicine alone and in need of integrative healthcare?

Holistic Health Immersion Program:

Dive in with our 14 week experiential program to learn about and experience the benefits of caring for yourself and others with tools of natural medicine & holistic health.

Program Involves:

  • FREE Introductory Event
  • Holistic Anatomy
    Understand the 12 organs from the Chinese Medical tradition and relationship to the natural world.
    Natural medicine essentials for modern day! Informational and experiential opportunity.
  • Sound Body
    Information & instruction to improve your physical form.

$30. drop in, discounts available with packages up to 50%

To sign up, please contact us at stillwaterclinic@gmail.comNext start date: TBA

More information including dates, fee’s & special offers coming soon…