Healing Arts Clinic & Apothecary

Infrared Sauna

Traditions around the world have utilized hydrotherapy practices for longevity, stress relief, immune support and more.  The sauna at Stillwater is available for the general public to enjoy this therapeutic experience in a peaceful and private environment.

Far-infrared rays penetrate the skin to encourage sweating from deep within the body’s primary waste deposition site, the subcutaneous fat!  Known to increase detoxification and remove toxins from the body up to 7 times more efficiently than the more common dry heat sauna with less stress to the body’s vital organs.

Here are 7 reasons to begin using an infrared sauna on a routine basis:

1.  Support Immune Function

2. Detoxification

3. Relaxation

4.  Pain Relief

5.  Lower Blood Pressure

6.  Improved Circulation

7.  Skin Purification

8.  Weight Loss

In accordance with traditional hydrotherapy practices, we encourage all sauna users to alternate the heat of the sauna with the cool of the shower.  Our sauna room includes a shower so you can gradually or dramatically cool your body to encourage the warmed blood to move deep into your core organs.  This facilitates far greater benefits and a more comfortable experience!


60 minute session.  Robe, towels, filtered water for drinking and bathing soap provided.  $30. per hour private use.  Just $10. for an additional guest to join you!