Healing Arts Clinic & Apothecary

Jason Vest

Jason Vest uses his Nutritional Therapy Certification from the Nutritional Therapy Institute and his 15 years of experience in the Natural & Organic Foods Industry to help his clients:

⋅ Use food as medicine to heal and restore balance in their body
⋅ Learn how to effortlessly prepare and plan meals that support their unique nutritional needs
⋅ Learn how eating seasonally and locally helps the body remember its natural cycle

His passion for using food as medicine began in the midst of running a recording studio in Boulder + working full time at a health food store and 3 evenings a week at a coffee shop as a live sound engineer. With virtually no time to tend to his health, he quickly found himself 40 pounds overweight and suffering from debilitating chronic fatigue. At this crossroads he finally chose to prioritize his health.  He walked away from the music industry, used a whole foods diet to lose the extra weight within 8 months and has sustained his vitality ever since.

Since his transformation 10 years ago, Jason has continued to study and integrate a myriad of dietary practices and food preparation techniques that help his clients remedy various conditions of imbalance to create and sustain a state of thriving health. Jason believes at a core level that food really can be our best medicine, and he can’t wait to support you!