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Lao Kemper, LMT

A clinically trained massage therapist from Seattle, Washington, Lao brings a skillful, compassionate, and effective touch to his sessions at Stillwater. Lao was fortunate to study at the Cortiva Institute, mentored by published anatomy researchers and lecturers at the top of their field. Rooted in a treatment-based philosophy Lao works with his clients to provide the care you need whether it be treatment or relaxation—Lao enjoys working with clients of all ages and activity levels.

Since graduating in 2011 he has practiced in numerous states, including 3 years in a clinic in Seattle, Arizona, Maine, Alaska, and Rhode Island.

Lao is currently enrolled in a master’s program in Acupuncture, adding to his understanding of the body systems. He has also trained and competed in Taijiquan since 2011 in the U.S., Canada, and China.

Lao offers his clients at Stillwater:

  • Intra-oral Massage: effective for treating TMJD, clenching or teeth grinding, headaches, jaw pain, shoulder pain, and aligning the cervical spine.
  • Abdominal Massage: conditions addressed include back pain, IBS, digestive distress, breathing difficulty, and releasing stored tension.
  • Sports Massage: for the climbers, hikers, bikers, skiers and skaters, this active massage focuses on maintenance rather than treatment to improve circulation and get you out doing what you love
  • Relaxation Massage: a full body massage to help you relax, reconnect with your body, and let the week go
  • Treatment Massage: we will address a specific issue and develop a treatment plan to resolve it, utilizing the above modalities, usually 6-8 weeks, 1x/week

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