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Master Wes Chaplin, LMT

Master Wesley Chaplin LMT, RYT200, studied Chinese and Indian spiritual traditions over 15 years living in remote temples in the mountains of central China, living in an Indian Ashram, as well as staying with Jain monks in the dusty remote regions of Rajasthan. Recently returning to the US he has devoted his time to bringing his knowledge and experience to help others create a more meaningful, greater quality life through teaching and hands on healing.

In 2000 Wesley began his journey into traditional spiritual practices and philosophy, leading to him moving to China, living with Chan Buddhist Monks studying meditation and internal cultivation. This initial exposure to Chinese culture and tradition eventually led to him moving to a remote monastery in the mountains of central China. Wesley spent five years as a Daoist (Taoist) ascetic focusing on meditation, mindfulness, and traditional healing techniques.

After 5 years of teaching and sharing his knowledge while living in North America, Europe, and South East Asia, Wesley continued his studies in India, initially learning classical Hatha yoga, focusing on the health and philosophy, learning to master different breathing techniques, chakra balancing, relaxation, and a variety of meditation techniques.  Visit for more information.

Wesley currently provides therapeutic massage, thai yoga massage, thai sen (energy meridian) therapy, and teaches qi gong, meditation, and tai chi at Stillwater.  Schedule now with the button above!