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Qigong is the foundation for most martial arts forms and is a combination of strengthening and relaxing movements with meditation. Qigong has long been appreciated for its immense healing capacity to those who practice its forms. With lineages dating back over 4,000 years, it has proven the test of time and is held sacred to family and practitioner lineages as it is such a powerful way to generate strength and healing.

According to Chinese medicine, human beings have the gift and obligation to create balance between heaven and earth.  Qigong practice is a tool to do exactly this, creating ripples of effect in all areas of life.

These classes are ideal for anyone curious about deepening their energy and body awareness as well as those who are working to increase their strength and maintain health for long life.  It is also a powerful tool for rehabilitating from illness or injury.

Qigong is the foundation of all martial arts and practice is heralded as the most powerful way to generate energy within the human body.  Connecting our feet to the earth we discover the rhythms of our bodies and the alchemy of ancient wisdom, present emotion and movement.

Qigong with Dr. Sara Hart:

Currently offered with our Elemental Alchemy & with the horses at Hart Farm!

5-Element Equine Exploration:

Join us at Hart Family Farm for an exploration of the 5-element wisdom with the plants and animals in this seasonal energy.  The message of symbiosis sings it’s song each day to those who listen, the plants and animals are our allies and they need us both to care for them, connect and co-exist.  Qigong energy activation, time with the horses, exploring connection and boundaries, power & gentleness.  Perhaps then adventure to meditate with the bee hive, sit with the growing herbs or move with the river….  We’ll see where the day’s energy leads us with the intention of listening for the wisdom of nature to provide guidance.
  • Next event:  Saturday October 12th, 3-5:30pm
Each class is $45., Stillwater Medical and/or Community Supported Herbalism members get a special discount!  Ask me about work-trade if desired, nobody turned away.


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