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Reiki Training

Japanese Reiki Training – Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan.

June 18th.  7 hrs. $185 for 35 pg manual, certificate, and everything you need to know to offer Reiki to self and others. Further information contact

Click on the “Schedule Now” button to your right to register or call: (303) 823-9355.

Reiki is an initiation into an amazing energy source that lets flow to you harmony and joy. It is a practical way to learn self-healing that also helps others, is easy to acquire and lasts a lifetime. Its spiritually guided energy works together with your existing beliefs and values….it is not a religion and does not try to tell you what to do or that it is “the way.”

It just simply and safely offers you a method of being in the world that reduces stress and overcomes painful physical, mental, emotional and existential issues that keep you from being fully present. But more than this, Reiki is a way of being that directly connects you with your Higher Self, and this allows you to express your authentic nature. It is a voyage of discovery that guides you along your path in ways that you can only believe once you have experienced it (Settin, 2003).