Healing Arts Clinic

Seasonal Cleanse

Support your body through the change of seasons with a nutritional cleanse program. Dietary cleanse programs offer health benefits by enhancing the eliminatory functions of the body and encourage detoxification. Ideal for:

~Supporting overall health
~Improving chronic disease and inflammation
~Strengthening the immune system
~Preparing for pregnancy
~Re-setting and improving habits
~Weight loss

Group and individual cleanse programs will be offered at Stillwater at the change of seasons, supporting the bodies natural ability to change.

Spring 2017 Program:

Group program available this season!  Get a whole team behind you to support your ambition to be your best self.  This season, we’re here for you to encourage you and provide you with all the resources you need for a successful experience.

Cleanse programs will all include:

  • Dietary instructions
  • Support with herbal formulas
  • Use of the infrared sauna & Japanese foot spa
  • Home care detoxification support
  • Classes for information, personal reflection and exploration

Program begins April 4th!  6pm at Stillwater.  For more information, open SW Sp Cleanse Flyer 2017 and contact Dr. Hart or Jason Vest.