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Sound Body

Join Rolfer Danielle Lafaille for this FREE informational and experiential program!  Please call for the next program dates.
Treat Your Feet
This workshop will present basic anatomy of the foot and ankle. You will learn some simple exercises to strengthen the muscles in your feet to help decrease tension on your knees, hips, and spine. This class is designed to show how one can increase support and reinforce stability to counteract the effects of poor footwear and unhealthy postural patterns.
Unlock Your Sacrum

Learn the dual function of the sacrum-how it serves as the keystone of the pelvis, as well as the base of the spine. We will explore exercises that were designed to create more space within the sacroiliac joints for uninhibited spinal movement. If you have a stiff, or sore, low back then this is the class for you.

Your Yoke: the shoulder girdle
Tight shoulders? Stiff neck? Many of us experience how tension and stress in our upper body can negatively affect the rest of our structure (clenched jaw, headaches), decrease energy, and impact sleep. The shoulder girdle is a dynamic area of our bodies that can provide an opportunity to shift blockages in the neck and ribcage. Movement exercises will aid in reestablishing a healthy relationship within these areas.