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Weight Loss Program

Discovering Your Ideal Weight:

This 12 week program is the most comprehensive approach to weight loss that you will find.  A truly holistic approach to creating new habits, letting go of what doesn’t work well for you, and evaluating the underlying physiological obstacles that have been in the way of creating change in the past.


Program Includes:

  • Medical evaluation and nutritional guidance with a Naturopathic Doctor – diagnostic workup to understand if you’re body morphology is an outcome of calorie use, hormonal, stress, toxicity or microbial influence as well as how to address this.
  • Weekly Infrared Sauna use to detoxify and improve metabolism
  • Acupuncture sessions to help break old patterns and affect organ function with the 5-element Chinese medicine approach
  • Mental health counseling to explore underlying issues of self-worth, food addiction or early life influence.

Start anytime!  Each program is personalized to meet your needs, timeline and budget.  There is no one-size fits all approach to health that works and we’re invested in the long term benefits for our patients.


We’re here to support you.  For more information, please contact us at 303-823-9355 or email the link above.


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