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Writing Workshops

Writing is a powerful way to transform our feelings and thoughts into words and provide an outlet for the deeper messages we may not realize are under the surface within us.

Summer 2017 ~ Writing with Soul by Elizabeth Marglin

Find your message. Use your voice. Write your truth.

In Writing with Soul, we learn how to use writing as a tool for excavating what really matters to each of us—our rawest, unadorned wisdom.

This is writing for fierce truth warriors—but no writing experience necessary!

In Writing with Soul we’ll use writing to contact what’s most alive in us, clarify how we want to show up in the world, and have the conversations with ourselves—and each other—that we have never had before.

Through provocative prompts and timed writings, you’ll discover the intimate language of the soul.

Dates:  June 20th, July 11th, August 1st

$20/class, 4-6pm Limited # of participants, please register ahead.